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Ferrara 1896 - Milan 1956

Filippo de Pisis began studying art and architecture in Ferrara while working in parallel in prose and poetry. During these years his painting was influenced by Futurism. In 1915 de Pisis met de Chirico and his brother Alberto Savinio, in Ferrara for their military service; in 1917 he met Carlo Carra. Initially he shared their metaphysical style but short stays in Rome and Paris in the early twenties opened up new pictorial horizons to him. In 1926 he participated in the first exhibition of Novecento, in Milan. By 1932 his painting moved toward a very personal neoimpressionist style. De Pisis is best known for his cityscapes, metaphysically-inspired maritime scenes, and still lifes, especially those depicting flowers. His work has a particularly airy, in-the-moment quality. De Pisis's work was shown twice in the Venice Biennale: once during his life, and once posthumously. A large portion of de Pisis's work is housed in the Pinacoteca Civica, in Forlì and in the Museo Filippo de Pisis, in Ferrara.