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Pozzuoli (Naples) 1873 - 1948

Painter and art writer, Guardascione was a precious witness to Neapolitan artistic and cultural life at the beginning of the century. He trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples as a student of F. Palizzi and T. Celentano and worked with both tempera and oil, preferably depicting port life, the marinas of the port of Naples and Pozzuoli. He brought new elements to the tradition of Neapolitan landscape painting, with a broad and loose touch and lively colour, approaching G. Toma in his mature years. He made his debut at the Neapolitan Promotrice in 1897. He then exhibited in Turin and again in Naples. He lived in Pozzuoli until the end of the nineteenth century, participating in the cultural life of the city, establishing fertile relationships with fellow artists and writers, guests of his house which served as a cultural cenacle. An extravagant character, Guardascione is a figure yet to be investigated; the main cause of historiographical and critical disinterest is probably to be found in his compromising and full adherence to fascism.