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Borgo San Sepolcro c. 1582 - Florence 1656

I tentatively attribute this strong  Florentine portrait drawing of the early seventeenth century to Cantagallina, the Florentine etcher and draughtsman, specialized in landscape and stage set subjects. Cantagallina collaborated with Giulio Parigi in 1608, when he engraved prints of two of Parigi’s theatre sets. His first documented work is from 1603, the date of a series of landscape etchings. Northern influences in his early prints can be traced to Paul Bril, but his way of creating perspective by the intensification of shadow is reminiscent of Antonio Tempesta. It is significant that Cantagallina was one of the first artists to abandon the late-Mannerist vision of nature as fantastic and frightening for a genuine interest in themes from daily life.