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(1756 - 1829)

Colour woodblock print from the album Men's Stamping Dance (Otoko tôka), 1798. A kyôka anthology with six illustrations by Tôrin, Utamaro, Shigemasa, Ekishi, Eishi, and Hokusai. Signed Chôbunsai Eishi zu.
Good impression, colour and condition. 259 x 376 mm.

Born as the first son of direct vassal of the Shogunate, a well-off samurai family that was part of the Fujiwara clan. Eishi was a vassal of the Shogunate. Eishi left his employ with the Sh?gun Ieharu to pursue art. His early works were prints, mostly Bijin-ga portraits of tall, thin, graceful beauties in the original style established by himself akin to Kiyonaga and Utamaro. He established his own school and was a rival to Utamaro. He was a prolific painter, and from 1801 gave up print designing to devote himself to painting.