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(Tocco da Casauria 1851 - Francavilla al Mare 1929)

Etching. Signed Michetti lower right. Pulled on very thin, simil-Japan paper of yellowish colour. Only state. To my knowledge this is the second known specimen of the print. To the platemark 122 x 84 mm, the sheet 290 x 203 mm
Dr. Matteo Crespi discovered another impression of this rare print, pulled on an identical kind of paper, during his unpublished researches on Michetti as an etcher. According to Dr. Crespi, and I fully share his opinion, from this extremely rare original comes, through a photographic process, a print presented as an original, which is in reality a photogravure. See an impression of it at the Bertarelli in Milan (Mod. p. 78-13). Also the dating of this work has been proposed by Dr. Crespi, who believes that the main activity of Michetti as printmaker took place around 1875, in connection with the Parisian print publisher and dealer Cadart.

Francesco Paolo Michetti was taught at the Accademia in Naples by Morelli, but he also attended the life drawing classes of Filippo Palizzi, who exercised the greatest influence on his development. In 1871 Michetti made his first trip to Paris. There he came in contact with Fortuny, De Nittis and the dealer Goupil and exhibited at the Salons of 1872 and 1875. In 1883 Michetti purchased a convent in his homeland, Abruzzo, as his home and studio. For the next twenty years, the convent was a meeting place for artists and exponents of culture. Abruzzo was Michetti's emotional and aesthetic inspiration: he combined studies from life and extensive photographic documentation, capturing its people, animals, and local events in emotionally charged paintings with luminous colors and vibrant light.

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