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(Castelleone 1890 - 1956)

Etching, 1916/17. A fine impression in greenish ink, richly inked and printed with tone on cream chine collé on strong wove paper. To the platemark 235 x 157 mm, the entire sheet measuring 382 x 287 mm. In very good condition. Inscribed F. Arata in pencil at the bottom margin
The painter Carlo Bellesia (Milan 1899 - 1973). At age 17, Bellesia, host of the male Orphanage of Milan (Martinitt), was hired as lithographer by Federico Marioni (Claro 1866 - Milan 1938). Marioni, himself an etcher, opened in Milan, in the last decade of the nineteenth century, a chalcographic atelier attended by many prominent artists as Conconi, Feragutti-Visconti, Russolo, Boccioni, Wildt, Grubicy, Agazzi, Ernesto Bazzaro. The activity of Bellesia at the Marioni atelier, allowed him to gather a collection of etchings by those artists.

After studying at the Brera, Arata worked as assistant set designer at the Teatro La Scala. The first period of his career was mainly dedicated to graphics: drawings and etchings. In fact, in 1916, Arata participated in the exhibition of Italian etchers and engravers that was held in London. At the end of the twenties he came into contact with the Burano school and Pio Semeghini, developing an interest in the pre-chiarista current. In the mid-thirties he developed his evolution towards an art more properly chiarista.