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(Florence 1806 - 1879)

Pen and brown ink, washed in brown, over traces of black chalk. Signed, dedicated and dated G. Moricci /all'A°. D. Paganucci / p° del 1850. 142 x 206 mm.
A playful caricature of a painter's family in misery, drawn on the first day of 1850.

Moricci studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, making his debut in 1828 as a painter of history, but as early as 1834 he began to turn his interest towards genre painting. He dedicated himself to these themes with garbled irony towards the characters, often depicted in urban contexts. He exhibited regularly at the Florentine exhibitions, but also at those of Genoa, Turin and Milan He frequented the Caffè Michelangiolo, along with Enrico Pollastrini and he was a friend of Tricca, the caricaturist, who often portrayed him. In 1859, like other artists, he dedicated himself to the Risorgimento themes and, at the same time to Giovanni Fattori, he was inspired by the arrival of the French troops in Tuscany.