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(Milan 1827 - 1890)

Black chalk heightened with white, on beige paper. Signed Ger Induno in black chalk. Pasted to a cardboard. 205 x 263 mm.
Our drawing is preparatory for the painting Il Racconto del Ferito (1866), see G. Nicodemi, Domenico e Gerolamo Induno, Milan, 1945, tav. 151.
Another preparatory drawing, almost identical to the painting, formerly part of an album of drawings that belonged to the Litta family, was published by Fernando Mazzocca in 1984. See Fernando Mazzocca, Una raccolta di disegni di Gerolamo Induno. Episodi di vita risorgimentale, (exhibition catalogue), Gallerie Salamon Agustoni Algranti, Milan 1984.

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A student of Sabatelli at the Brera, Gerolamo’s first works were portraits and a painting, now lost, illustrating an episode of Manzoni’s I Promessi Sposi. He was a versatile genre painter, who, like his older brother Domenico, was inspired by contemporary reality. In 1848 he and his brother participated in the Cinque Giornate di Milano, the rebellion in the city of Milan which, after five days of street fighting, drove Marshal Radetzky and his Austrian soldiers out from the city. Gerolamo also partecipated in the Crimean War (1854/55) and in 1859 fought in Garibaldi's army. From 1860 he devoted himself almost completely to paintings commemorating and celebrating episodes of Risorgimento, creating an iconography of the Italian struggle for independence.