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Campertogno 1624 - Milan 1692

After an initial training in Milan, with a pupil of Giulio Cesare Procaccini, Gianoli had the opportunity to study in Rome where he is documented among the members at the Academy of San Luca. There he was influenced by the pictorial classicism of Andrea Sacchi. Gianoli was active above all in Valsesia and in the Novara area and there are many works by him which, even today, decorate churches and other buildings. Among the most important early works is the one commissioned by the Collegiate Church of Varallo, for which he created six canvases in 1654 with episodes from the life of San Gaudenzio. The great esteem that the painter gradually acquired is confirmed by his presence within the construction site of the Sacro Monte di Varallo, where he worked in two different moments of his activity: in 1665, when he frescoed the thirty-second chapel, and subsequently in 1679, the year which he signed and dated the frescoes depicting Jesus brought back to Pilate in the twenty-ninth chapel. Immediately afterwards, the painter also earned participation in the creation of another of the main Piedmontese sacred mountains, that of Orta, where he frescoed the chapel of the Addolorata in 1680. His drawings, preserved in the Pinacoteca di Varallo, demonstrate the closeness between his ways of drawing and those of Tanzio da Varallo.