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etchings and drawings by Luigi Conconi

Luigi Conconi (Milan 1852 - 1917) was an architect, a painter and an experimental etcher. Born in a Milanese middle-class family, he became acquainted with the literary and artistic circles of the Scapigliatura and Tranquillo Cremona and Daniele Ranzoni influenced his early paintings. In the 1880s Conconi moved from the Realism of Scapigliatura toward the Symbolism, developing an interest in visionary themes. Conconi was also a skilful and sensitive printmaker, who revived the art of the etching in Lombardy, being the leading exponent of the acquaforte monotipata, an etching printed with a large amount of ink left on the plate, creating evocative effects. Conconi printed personally almost all his own plates.

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